Dad & Son prep for Mother's Day on 'Little Couple'


Mother's Day is fast approaching on TLC's The Little Couple, and Bill wants to make something nice for his loving wife Jennifer, who has to work on Mother's Day. So, Bill takes their adopted son Will on a fun father-son adventure to find the perfect gift for Jennifer.

The Little Couple
follows the lives of two little people, Bill and Jennifer, who have been married for several years. During that time they have tried several times to have a child, but were unsuccessful, until they were able to adopt a child named Will, from China.

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In this exclusive clip, Bill takes his son to a pottery store, were people come to paint and customize ceramic kitchenware, and Will takes the opportunity to get paint absolutely everywhere. It's adorable! Bill only wishes Jennifer could be there with them, but knows she will love the Mother's Day gifts.

This heartwarming episode of The Little Couple airs tonight at 10 p.m. on TLC.