Tighty Whiteys & Bad Tattoos on 'The Hook Up'


As MTV's The Hook Up enters its second week, we've got an exclusive sneak peek of tonight's all-new episode featuring revealing secrets of four new hopeful bachelors.

In the clip, host Andrew Schulz helps sorority girl Alex decide between four guys to find her perfect match. How will she feel about a guy who wears a cape and tighty whiteys to school? Can she handle someone with a "#swag" tattoo?

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The show features three fast-paced rounds during which contestants explore photos, videos, tweets and social media updates to find the good, bad and ugly while deciding which potential dates to eliminate. Ultimately, two finalists go head-to-head and are forced to expose embarrassing and personal secrets about themselves.

Tune in to The Hook Up tonight at 6 p.m. on MTV to see who Alex will choose!

VIDEO: First Look at MTV's The Hook Up