'Undercover Boss' Looks Pretty Incompetent


Most bosses on Undercover Boss struggle to perform some basic tasks in disguise, but on this week's episode, a boss looks completely inept as he fails to attract any potential customers and doesn't know simple nuances about the industry.

Paul Quentel, president of Alfred Angelo, one of the biggest bridal retailers in the U.S., goes undercover as a new employee selling wedding dresses at an expo, and it doesn't take long before he makes his first blunder.

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When being trained by one of the sales associates, Quentel demonstrates his lack of knowledge in the bridal industry when he doesn't know a fabric color common to wedding dresses.

"I don't want to look incompetent," Paul concurs as the associate helps him learn from his training gaffe.

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His experience doesn't get much better when he is unleashed to lure customers over to Alfred Angelo's booth, and his superior is both embarrassed and angry.

Watch the clip above and check out the full episode of Undercover Boss Friday at 8 p.m. on CBS.