'Long Island Medium' Channels Spirit in Spin Class


Fans of TLC's Long Island Medium know that the show's star Theresa Caputo is never really "off duty" when it comes to channeling spirits from people who have passed on. In a new interview with ET's Rocsi Diaz, this colorful psychic medium opens up about her special gift and reveals she even had a spirit encounter in one of the unlikeliest places -- a spinning exercise class!

Theresa said that in addition to channeling the deceased relatives of new clients in the current season of Long Island Medium, she also revisits people she previously helped to get an update on how their lives have changed."When they came for the reading, all they knew was grief, and now you revisit them and you see that they have hope."

Theresa said her gift for healing is constantly with her and recalled an episode during which she was inspired to channel a spirit literally while riding a stationary bike. "I have this beautiful and amazing gift. And I just put it in spirits' hands that if I sense and feel something, give me the opportunity to be able to deliver the healing message," she said. "That day in the spin class, I was tired and I wanted to stop spinning, so I decided to channel a spirit!"

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"As I am delivering these amazing healing messages from their loved ones, I actually feel lighter. That's one thing that my crew has always said, they say, 'Theresa, we see these people walk up your driveway and we see them leave, and they are different, it's like they walk up your driveway with such a heaviness, and they are actually like floating out of your house.'"

Watch the video for more, including Theresa's experience channeling a spirit on a farm where she also milked a cow for the first time, and to hear one of her strangest spiritual encounters.

Long Island Medium airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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