'About a Boy' Gets Super-Awkward


Things get supremely awkward on tonight’s brand-new About a Boy, when Marcus
(Benjamin Stockham) starts hinting that he wants his playboy neighbor Will (David Walton) to start dating his mother Fiona (Minnie Driver).

"[This fence] will come down when you marry my mom – I mean, if, you marry my mom," Marcus tells a horrified Will as the two play badminton over the dividing fence between their houses.

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But the awkward situation doesn’t improve when he confronts Fiona, who reveals that she's stopped dating altogether because of Marcus.

... But just what will Will do with this interesting piece of information?

Video: Will Minnie Drive Find Romance on 'About a Boy?'

Click to watch their hilariously awkward encounter!

About a Boy airs tonight at 9 p.m. on NBC.