EXCLUSIVE! 'The Fosters': Will Callie Fall in Love With Another Family? Watch Our Sneak Peek to Find Out!


Get ready to meet another branch on The Fosters' family tree!

In this Monday's all-new episode, Callie (Maia Mitchell) has the opportunity to meet her half-sister Sophia (Bailee Madison), who looks exactly like her mini-me. Sounds great, right? There's only one problem—not everyone is thrilled by the idea of Callie jetting off to meet with her (very rich!) biological father and family.

ETonline just got off the phone with star Hayden Byerly, and the gifted young actor revealed to us that Jude definitely has some hesitations when it comes to Callie's new found family. "Callie and Jude's relationship is going to be shaken up a little bit by Sophia coming into Callie's life," Byerly spilled to ET.

To help get you emotionally prepared for Callie's upcoming meet-and-greet with Sophia and the Quinn's, we've got your exclusive sneak peek at one of the episode's most heartfelt scenes. Take a look at our first look video above to witness a beyond sweet sibling moment between Callie and Jude as she reassure her brother that no one could ever take his place.

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Although Callie was quick to comfort her little bro, Jude is still nervous that he could lose his sister to the Quinn's seemingly perfect life. "In Jude's mind, he's just trying to find the right words and make sure that Callie is happy," Byerly said of the scene, "Because he doesn't really want her to go and meet Sophia."

"Jude has just been adopted and he was kind of looking forward to everyone—especially Callie—kind of looking at him and wanting to spend time with him, and now there's this other girl and he's kind of scared," the 13-year-old actor explained. "I don’t think he wants them to kind of fall in love as a family since Callie is not adopted yet."

And although Jude's reservations are justified, Byerly tells us that Jude eventually does meet Sophia and his towards her have changed significantly.

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"The only thing that really kind of knocks the wind out of him is Sophia and Callie meeting," the young star said. "Jude has some very strong feeling when he first hears about Sophia and he doesn't really meet her until later on, but his view of her has changed once he finally meets her. When he does meet her he thinks she's a pretty cool person and that she really does look just like Callie."

We're honestly baffled at just how identical Callie and Sophia look when paired together. Seriously! Just take a peek at that photo above because you'll swear you're seeing double.

The Fosters airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.