EXCLUSIVE! 'The Fosters': Which Family Will Callie Choose? Watch Now!


Question: is Callie (Maia Mitchell) more of a Foster or a Quinn?

Answer: We have no idea! And honestly, it appears that she doesn’t know either. Ever since Callie found out that Robert Quinn—aka her birth-father—has a picture perfect family of his own, her world has been flipped upside-down with a whole lot of "What if's?!"

While Callie struggles with the internal battle of which family she really belongs with, we're bringing you exclusive scoop from Mitchell and The Fosters' executive producers about what's next for our confused teen.

"I think there is a big part of Callie that is really curious about her heritage and this man and her family and almost what her life would've looked like if Robert hadn't left her mom," Mitchell spilled.

Check out our exclusive featurette above to find out what's next for Callie and then take to the comments to tell us which family you think she belongs with!

The Fosters airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

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