Rob Lowe for Shark Week-This is the Most Badass Video You'll See All Day!

Discovery Channel

It's sooo sharky!

What's more badass than Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week?

How about a ruggedly handsome Rob Lowe riding two great white sharks like water skis with a gorgeous mermaid by his side! No you're not dreaming—the A-list actor has teamed up with Discovery Channel to create an epically awesome promo for the fan-favorite summer programming known as Shark Week.

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Check out the uber cheesy video above to bask in Lowe's sun kissed glow, while he glides over the ocean (in slow motion!) and wrangles many different species of sharks. To top it all off, Lowe turns to the camera at the end of the promo and coos, "So sharky." and we practically fell off our chair from hotness overload.

(Serious question: Is Robe Lowe aging backwards?! We can't believe he's 50 years old!)

The pop culture phenomenon, which the Discovery Channel boasts has been "King of Summer" since '87, is set to kick off this year's shark-filled festivities on Aug. 10.

Are you excited for Shark Week? How much would you pay to be the girl clutching Rob Lowe's leg in this video? Swim down to the comments and tell us what you think!