Tina Fey Had Alec Baldwin Masks at Daughter's Surprise Party!


Tina Fey just can't quit Alec Baldwin. While on Wednesday's Late Night with Seth Meyers, the This Is Where I Leave You star recalled how her 30 Rock co-star unintentionally made an appearance at her daughter Alice's surprise party.

"We had this whole thing of dress up and have a disguise. I got all these wigs and things and like a generic mask and whatever," Fey explained.

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It was only after the party that she noticed Jack Donaghy (Baldwin) was there. "But then I got the pictures back, and what had appeared to be a generic-- I thought just like a generic man mask--in all the pictures [it] looks exactly like Alec Baldwin!"

This made Fey ask herself, "Did I subconsciously buy an Alec Baldwin mask?"

Fey, 44, continued, "I went online to see if you can buy an Alec Baldwin mask. It's not. Apparently, I'm told that it's actually meant to be a Jim Parsons [from the] Big Bang Theory mask."

Flashing a photo of the mask, both the actress/writer and Meyers agreed it looked like Baldwin. "Look at that beautiful mouth. That's like kissable Alec Baldwin mouth!"

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The host joked of this bizarre children's party, saying, "Nothing's funnier to me than a little girl who's like, 'I want to be Alec Baldwin!'"

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