'Survivor' Nadiya Talks Reality Show Curse


Nadiya Anderson and her twin sister Natalie, aka the "Twinnies," have seen some hard times in reality TV. They made it to the final four in season 21 of The Amazing Race, but were eliminated first when they returned for Amazing Race: All Stars. And last night, it seems like history repeated itself as Nadiya was the first voted off in Survivor: San Juan del Sur. ET caught up with the 28-year-old from New Jersey (via Sri Lanka) to get her take on her ouster.

She took it in good spirits, telling ET, "Unfortunately it wasn't the first time for me having these feelings, so I was pretty good at dealing with my emotions. I was kind of over it, as soon as I saw my name being written down, I was like, dude, get me off this crazy asylum with the lunatics [on my tribe]."

She added, "Part of me is happy because Natalie's still on the beach. … I know Natalie's going to be thinking about me and missing me, and that's motivational for me."

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In the last season of Blood vs. Water, it could help or hurt to have your relative still in the game. On how her departure will affect Natalie, Nadiya says, "I don't know if it's going to help or hurt Natalie, me being off. Seeing how my tribe was, it's such a gamble based on who you're working with, and the alliances being formed, so I think it can go either way. But I know the one thing for sure is, it's going to fuel Natalie and make Natalie so pissed off that they got rid of me that she's going to be literally going for blood. She's not even going to care about the million dollars."

Nadiya also commented on whether she thinks she has a reality show curse, saying, "If I get out first and Natalie gets to fourth then we are cursed [because that's what happened on The Amazing Race]. But I think I was just dealt a shitty hand. It happens. Somebody has to go home first on all these shows. And it's always somebody. You never want to think it's you, but if it is, you just have to deal with it."

Watch the video above for her take on how referring to Josh as "one of the girls" may have hurt her. Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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