Jon Cryer Addresses 'Two & A Half Men' Gay Wedding Criticism


The highly anticipated season 12 premiere of Two and a Half Men is finally here, and all eyes will be on Walden (Ashton Kutcher) and Alan (Jon Cryer) as they get engaged... to each other.

The season kicks off with Walden deciding he wants to adopt a child following a health scare on Halloween and thinks he'll have a better chance if he's married. The storyline has raised many eyebrows within the LGBT community, and I caught up with Cryer Wednesday who opened up about the backlash.

VIDEO: Go Inside ‘Two and a Half Men’s Gay Wedding

"For us it was just a fun, silly idea that some people were taking kind of seriously, so that sort of surprised us," he admits. "But at the same time I understand. This is a time when our nation is changing so much. And let's remember, same-sex adoption is still illegal in some states so I can see why people would be nervous about it. And as long as the fight is still being fought they have a right to be sensitive about it."

"It seemed really fertile to have a lot of fun with," he says. He later added, "Hopefully we haven't done something too terrible in taste."

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Cryer also dresses up as Duckie, his iconic character from the John Hughes teen classic Pretty In Pink, in the show's premiere, which is also the Halloween episode, and admitted that it was an exciting blast from the past.

"You sort of put it on and go, 'Oh geez. This means an awful lot to a lot of people,'" he says of the homage. "It's kind of nice that it still fits and that I don't look like just a doddering, wizened old man."

Watch the video to see Jon in all his Duckie Dale glory and to find out what he says he will steal from set when the long-running CBS comedy ends.

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