Tori Spelling Breaks Down After Seeing Her Ex-Husband


On the next True Tori, Tori Spelling finally meets with her ex-husband Charlie Shanian for the first time in eight years, and breaks down when she's left to deal with her past decisions.

VIDEO: Tori Meets with Dean's Ex

In the sneak peek from the next episode, Tori is returning home directly after her meeting with Charlie. When she gets back, her husband Dean McDermott is in bed with a migraine, but rallies to help Tori process her emotions.

"When I left, I suddenly felt really alone, and I don't know why," said Tori.

Tori left Charlie eight years ago for Dean after about two years of marriage. In the season two premiere, Tori admitted to sleeping with Dean the first night they met in 2005. Both Tori and Dean were married at the time -- Tori to Charlie and Dean to Mary Jane Eustace.

"I regret the way we handled things obviously," said Tori. "He's a good man."

"Does seeing him and remembering what a good man he was bring up more anger towards me and resentment for what I did?" Dean asked.

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"A little bit," Tori answered.

Earlier this season, Tori paid a visit to Dean's ex Mary Jo, whom she also last saw eight years ago. When they met up, the two ladies discussed Dean's infidelity in his marriage with Tori. Dean admitted to cheating on Tori and subsequently entered rehab. Mary Jo warned Tori ahead of time that Dean had a propensity to stray, but she never took the opportunity to say "I told you so."

"I don't hate Dean," said Mary Jo. "I mean, he's a total knob. I know that, but he's your knob now."

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