'Once Upon a Time's Jennifer Morrison Talks Heartless Hook, the 'Worst' Spell Ever and More!


Brace yourselves, Once Upon a Time fans — your darkest nightmares are coming to Storybrooke.

Although we're not getting a new hour of Frozen-filled goodness this Sunday, (It's the AMA's, by the way) we've got scoop straight from Storybrooke's leading lady to help curb your magical cravings until the Nov. 30 episod.

ETonline was on the Once Upon a Time set in Vancouver to chat with star Jennifer Morrison and we've got the details on the Snow Queen's "bizarre" quest to find family, what's next for Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) after that heart-stopping twist, and the status of Regina (Lana Parilla) and Emma's strained friendship.

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Twisted Sister: We knew that the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) was going to send a flurry of drama to Storybrooke this season, but we had no idea that she was going start a thunderstorm of crazy. "Things are getting more intense in terms of realizing what's going on with the Snow Queen and her plans, and why she's been trying to get Elsa and Emma more ingrained in her life in some way," Morrison explained.

"She's on this bizarre crusade to just wipe out everyone else and have these two women replace the sisters that she lost," the actress said of the Snow Queen's evil plans. "She's clearly not well. She's extreme about it, and so we realize how intricate her plan has been, and how far back her plan goes. It's all coming to a head at this point."

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Unfortunately, Morrison unveiled that the drama is not going to end anytime soon. "By episode nine and ten we're still really struggling to overcome the big picture," she admitted. "We're winning some of the battles, but feeling like we're still losing the war."

To make matters even worse, the Snow Queen is fiercely determined to unleash a darkness that the citizens of Storybrooke have never seen before. "There's definitely a lot of turmoil going," she said. "The Spell of Shattered Sight, which makes everyone see the worst in each other, would mean everyone would basically destroy each other."

Although we're not going to reveal exactly when the spell hits, Morrison did tell us that evil is on the horizon. "It is coming and it does descend on the town," she spilled. Thankfully Emma kept her powers!


Heartless Hero: Fans were devastated at the end of last Sunday's epic two-hour adventure when Rumple stole Hook's heart right out of his perfectly chiseled chest. Now, with a crazed Snow Queen on the loose, and a terrifying spell looming in the not-so-far distance, we've got yet another Storybrooke crisis that Emma needs to help solve.

So when is Emma going to get to the heart of the matter? "There's so many things going on, but eventually somehow Emma is going to help him get his heart back," Morrison teased. "I don’t know how or when but…" And that's when O'Donoghue chimed in with this perfect line: "That's what girlfriends do," he said. (Be honest, who else fell on the floor from swooning too hard?)

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Not to worry, Captain Swan fans! Despite this anatomical setback, Morrison revealed that Hook will still have strong feelings for our blonde savior. "He does seem to still love me without a heart," she explained. "You have to look at Regina and look at the rules of the heart stuff: When she removed her own heart in order for her not to be vulnerable, that didn’t mean that she still didn’t love Henry and she still didn’t love Robin Hood, she just still didn’t have the heart in her chest."

The actress continued, "Whoever had control over the heart can control you so Rumple at any moment can tell him what to do. It's not that he's telling him at every moment what to do."


Friend or Foe? It's been a tension-filled ride for Regina and Emma overt the past nine episode, and although the mood continues to be icy, Morrison revealed that she is determined to thaw her friend's feelings. "Emma is determined for them to be friends and for them to be allies," she said. "They've gone through far too much to go back to being enemies in her mind."

And for anyone who is still wondering if there's going to be any more mama drama over Henry's two moms, Morrison promised us that issue was laid to rest long ago. "I feel like Regina and Emma have both really embraced each other as being Henry's parent a long time ago. I don’t think there's any animosity there and there hasn't been in a long time," she said.

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"Regina's concern with Marian coming back has nothing to do with Emma being Henry's birth mother, and has nothing to do with Regina being Henry's adoptive mother," the OUAT star continued. "I think they both fully support each other as mothers of Henry and they know that each other are both going to fight their hardest to do the right thing for Henry."

Break out the party poppers, SwanQueen fans! We've got a feeling that this friendship is quickly moving back to the right track.

The next all-new episode of Once Upon a Time airs Sunday, Nov. 30 at 8 p.m. on ABC.