'The Originals' Claire Holt on the Return of Rebekah and Which Brother Haley Should Date!

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She left town in a little, red convertible - and now she's coming back in a soccer-mom SUV!

She left town in a little, red convertible — and now she's coming back in a soccer-mom SUV!

Everyone's favorite blonde vampire (sorry Caroline!) is returning to The Originals in tonight's all-new episode, and we've got details straight from actress Claire Holt on Rebekah's grand return to New Orleans with baby Hope.

Read on for exclusive scoop on what Rebekah has been up to now that she's a full-fledged mommy, the challenges ahead for the Mikaelson clan, Rebekah's body-switching preferences (no grandmas please!) and more.

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ETonline: We have all desperately missed seeing Rebekah on our screens each week, what has she been up to with baby Hope?
Claire Holt: She has just gone into full mother-mode. She's nurturing and raising this baby as if it were her own and just loving it, and it's just really made her realize, if she didn't already know, how much she craved having a child of her own. She's really fiercely protective and wants to ensure the safety of this baby. It's really a nice thing to see and it's a really beautiful character trait of hers, I think.

I love how you drove out of New Orleans in that fiercely fast, red car and now are driving back in a mom-mobile.
CH: [Laughs] Totally, she's definitely got a soccer-mom car now. It's pretty cool actually; I think it's one of the few things she's enjoyed. I don’t think she misses her old life, or her old car.

What kind of a mother is Rebekah?
CH: You know what, I think that she is putty. It's very difficult for a child of that age to misbehave too much so right now she's just worshiping the ground that Hope walks on. I don’t know if she'd be one for tough live, I think right now she's wrapped around Hope's little finger.

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We're still waiting to find out what kind of magical genetic make-up this little baby has—i.e. A witch, werewolf or vampire—do you think Rebekah is already privy to this information?
CH: You know what, I don’t know. I guess she probably already is if she's been living with this baby for however many months. I think she probably knows if she has some special gifts, but we don’t really get to learn any of that in these few episodes.

Where are we first going to see Rebekah in tonight's episode?
CH: We find her at a park playing mummy with this beautiful little baby so it is definitely a shake-up when she spots Ester' spies.

Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) has been missing hope so desperately, so when Rebekah comes back into town is there any jealously or animosity between the two of them?
CH: I think Haley appreciated the fact that Rebekah has given her life now to her baby's safety and I don’t think there's any jealousy or animosity — it's really just gratitude and a motherly bond that they feel for each other. Of course, I'm sure Haley internally feels jealous that she doesn't get to raise her own daughter, but it's definitely not directed at Rebekah.

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Is she going to be spending more time with Elijah (Daniel Gilles) or Klaus (Joseph Morgan) in tonight's episode?
CH: In the episode that is about to air, most of her time is spent with Elijah. She knows something is off with him, which is concerning to her, but she also loves seeing the way that he interacts with Hope when he sees her for the first time. And so it's quite a confusing, but also a beautiful time for her.

How does Rebekah react when she discovers that not only are her dead brothers back to life, but now they're in two new bodies?
CH: I think a lot of it is confusing to her. I think she was somewhat up-to-date with the happenings of the family, but definitely not familiar with the craziness that has been appearing. She is a little confused and overwhelmed by the situation, but also realizes that they need to do what they have to do for the safety of the child, so it's pretty cool to see them come together as a team.

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Speaking of teams, which team do you think Rebekah is on when it comes to Haley's love life? Team Klaus or Team Elijah?
CH: you know what, I think if I answer that I am going to get some hate. I don’t know! You can't step on your brother's turf. I think despite the fact that Elijah has proven himself to be loyal, loving and probably the better of the two Mikaelson brothers, he's really going for it with his love for this girl. I don’t know, I'm going to plead the fifth.

Rebekah knows what her mom is capable of and she's seen that body-switching is the current trend in The Originals' family, do you think she's concerned that this could happen to her?
CH: I think everything is a possibility in their world and I think she'd be crazy not to be worried about things like that. I think she should be worried about everything when it comes to the Mikaelsons.

What do you think her ideal body would be if she needed to switch?

CH: I think she's pretty happy in her own one, but she'd like a nice cute little Victoria's Secret model, I'm sure. She doesn't want to be jumping into any old lady bodies.

The Originals airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on The CW.