GoDaddy Pulls Puppy Super Bowl Ad Following Backlash

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While the Super Bowl has been overshadowed by “deflate gate” ahead of 49th annual matchup, a new controversy has marred the attention surrounding the game.
debuted and swiftly yanked a new ad following immediate backlash on Twitter and from organizations like the SPCA. Offended viewers even launched a on petition on

The spot, which debuted online ahead of the game, featured a puppy on a journey home after becoming separated from its human family. The commercial, titled “Journey Home,” appeared to be a heart-warming journey in similar vein to Budweiser’s popular ad, “Puppy Love,” which was to be followed with “Lost Dog” this weekend.

However, in GoDaddy’s mockery, the puppy’s owner was relieved to find him home because it had already been sold on a new GoDaddy-hosted website.

Huffington Post

Within 24 hours, the ad was yanked and the company’s CEO, Blake Irving, issued a statement on GoDaddy’s website. “The responses were emotional and direct,” he wrote. “Many people urged us not to run the ad … We are pulling the ad from the Super Bowl.”

And he also took to Twitter to respond to the SPCA.

Though, the company did promise to run an ad over the weekend. “You’ll still see us in the Big Game this year, and we hope it makes you laugh,” Irving said in the statement. Oh… joy.