Michelle Obama Teams Up with Jimmy Fallon for 'Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 2'


In 2013, First Lady Michele Obama joined Jimmy Fallon -- when he was still hosting Late Night -- for an amazing performance of "The Evolution of Mom Dancing" -- and on Thursday, she returned. 

FLOTUS made her triumphant return to the stage on The Tonight Show, where she and Fallon performed a whole new series of iconic mom dances.

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The duo -- both decked out in pink cardigans -- showcased the evolution of the "Shimmy Twist," the "Trying to Start a Conga Line" and the "Getting a Bag From Your Collection of Plastic Bags Under the Sink," among all the other wonderful dances that mothers have been using to embarrass their kids at family reunions for generations.

Eventually, the dance routine turns competitive when Fallon playfully makes fun of her husband’s dancing. The First Lady responds by hilariously mocking the host's dancing skills -- and it's incredible.

If you've never seen the original viral video "Evolution of Dance," which Jimmy and Michelle are spoofing, check it out in the YouTube video below, and add your view to the more than 290 million comments it has already.

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The First Lady
has been spending a bit more time in the talk show spotlight recently. Aside from her appearance on The Tonight Show, she recently sat down with Ellen, and explained what she won't miss about life in the White House when President Barack Obama's term has ended. See her interview with Ellen, below.

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