The 5 Best Britney Spears References From Her 'Jane the Virgin' Visit


The CW soap Jane the Virgin welcomed Britney Spears as a guest star on Monday’s episode, and it’s easy to see that the show’s writers had a fun time working in Britney references everywhere they could

“Welcome back!” the show’s narrator announced at the top. “Ready to hit this baby one more time?”

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Here are a few of the highlights.

1. Intoxicating Intro

Jane first spots the pop star in the lobby at the Marbella, and immediately lives out the dream of every Britney fan.

"Jane, I think there’s something about you,” Britney says, approaching the star-struck young mother. “I can tell you have rhythm. Would you like to dance?”

The sequence may just have been in her character’s head, but Brit Brit’s praise for star Gina Rodriguez was very real.

“For the record, @HereIsGina definitely has rhythm,” the singer wrote as she live-tweeted the episode. “Loved dancing with her!”

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2. Rogelio vs. Britney

However, not everyone is excited to hear Brit Brit’s in town. Jane’s father Rogelio has a long-standing feud with the pop star, which apparently started when the soap star inspired the infamous red leather catsuit the singer donned in her “Oops! I Did It Again” music video

“It was years ago. I went to an awards show wearing a look Britney liked,” he explains. “She expressed her admiration for the outfit, and I generously went home to change, allowing her to debut it in a video.”

3. Papa Don’t Preach

And it seems the red leather catsuit isn’t the only idea Rogelio lent to Britney over the years.

“When she kissed Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards, that was my idea,” he tells Xo. “I pitched it to Enrique Iglesias, but he wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to get me sick.”

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4. Do It for the Vine

Rogelio inadvertently gets another solid Brit Brit reference in, when a Vine circulates of him being dragged away from the pop star by security.

“You want a piece of me, Britney Spears?” he yells, referencing the pop star’s 2007 single, as well as the name of her ongoing Las Vegas residency show.

5. Narrator Knows Best

Even JTV’s mysterious narrator got in on the fun, dropping Britney puns left and right, like this particularly impressive run:

“Maybe it was seeing her father mocked like that, but Jane knew she had to help. The situation had become toxic. The circus couldn’t go on. It was time to get to work, b—ch!”

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Honorable Mention: The episode’s title, “Brit Me Baby, One More Time.”

While Britney’s appearance was just a one-off, fans are already clamoring for the singer to return to the show, tweeting at The CW to “gimme more"!

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