EXCLUSIVE: 'Once Upon a Time' Bosses Dish on What's Next After the 100th Episode and 'Super Romantic' True Lov

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Once Upon a Time
has officially aired its 100th episode!

"It's amazing," co-creator Edward Kitsis recently gushed to ET at Once Upon a Time's 100th episode celebration in Vancouver, Canada. "No one is more surprised than us, believe me. I thought we were going to be done after six episodes, so we're shocked!"

Fellow showrunner Adam Horowitz added, "We’ve had incredible fans that we've had incredible support from. We cant believe that we are here."

To celebrate this huge small-screen achievement, we're spilling exclusive love-filled scoop straight from Once's executive producers on what's coming next in the second half of season five.

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Just a heads up, Oncers -- For this installment of ETonline's Romance Rundown, we caught up with Kitsis and Horowitz on the red carpet -- where things move very quickly -- so we has to do a "speed round" of swoon-worthy scoop. Enjoy these little nuggets for now, and get ready for more in-depth descriptions later this season!

Captain Swan:
Now that we already know that Emma would "rather die" than not be with Killian, we're currently floating on a Captain Swan cloud, so anything extra from our Once EPs is just icing on the cake. "Emma said she'd 'always find him,' and I think we know by now that she's a woman of her word," Kitsis teased with a coy smile. Horowitz followed his co-creator's cagey words, adding, "They're going to the underworld to find him. I think that shows some sort of dedication."

Josh Dallas recently reassured fans with the secret to Prince Charming and Snow White's long-lasting relationship: "It's true love," he told us with a smile. "It's true love, pure and simple, so you can't get better than that." So what's next for our iconic fairytale couple? "I would say that the journey to the underworld brings them together in a very, very close and meaningful way," Horowitz promised. "And they're going to realize very quickly that it was not a journey to be taken lightly, so I think their love shines through."

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Outlaw Queen:
Take a deep breath, Regina and Robin lovers, and focus on the good times (like this video above!), because Kitsis spilled that this royal duo is "definitely going to be tested" in this second half of the season. We then promptly reprimanded the showrunners for testing this couple yet again by yelling, "Stop doing that!" (You're welcome.) And Kitsis added, "They are there to support their friends, and has a lot of unfinished business down there and Robin is going to be there to be at her side."

Fans have been put through an emotional rollercoaster ride throughout the course of this Beauty and the Beast-inspired relationship, but the showrunners stressed that you should've seen it coming. "Hey, we warned you in season one when Rumpelstiltskin said, 'I'm a difficult man to love.' He wasn’t lying," Kitsis reminded. But before you start to utter some four-letter words, Horowitz revealed that fans should focus on another one: Hope. "At the core of the beauty and the beast story, there is hope and there is love," he said. "I think that’s always going to be there with the two of them, no matter how rocky and difficult things get. Yeah, they get tested, but I think we're going to see them both grow in different ways, and whether that means it'll be easy or hard -- you're just going to have to watch to find out."

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Once Upon a Wedding:
We don’t know about you, but we think it's been a while since we've had a trip down the aisle on this love-fueled series. Unfortunately, it seems that we're going to have to wait even longer for another happily ever after wedding.

"Not this year, but maybe someday." Horowitz spilled when we asked about having another cannon wedding on the series. "We love weddings! We started the show with one, so it's always a special part of this series."

But remember, Oncers – just because we may not be getting any new nuptials this season, that doesn’t mean a proposal can't happen -- especially after a certain swoon-worthy smooch…

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True Love's Kiss:
During our last interview with the magical bosses of Once Upon a Time, ETonline almost broke the fandom with out hint that another True Love's Kiss could be headed our way this season. And now, we're pleased to confirm that this is "absolutely" still the plan!

"It's still happening!" Horowitz gushed. "We don’t want to get more specific or tell you when, but it's a coming." Naturally, we pressed the team for details as to which two characters will be connecting in that magic-wielding lip lock, but their answers were frustratingly playful.

"It's a new couple," Kitsis teased with a laugh before completely changing his answer. "Or an old couple." Horowitz chimed in on the fun, saying, "Or a new combination! We're not going to say who."

Despite the fact that we still have no clue as to which couple will be bestowed with this fairytale honor, we do know that it will be a pivotal moment for the series. "We think it's super romantic and we're excited," Horowitz answered when asked how it will compare to TLKs of the past. "You can't rank True Love's Kisses. They're all special in their own way."

Once Upon a Time
airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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