EXCLUSIVE: 'Pretty Little Liars' Star Ashley Benson on 'Emotional' Season 6 Finale and Her Haleb Reunion Hopes

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Hell hath no fury like a Hanna scorned!

On tonight's season six finale of Pretty Little Liars, Hanna is sick and tired of being bullied by this malicious and mysterious "Uber A," so she's setting a trap to take this new big bag down.

In order to get you even more excited for tonight's sure-to-be jaw-dropping finale, ETonline caught up with PLL star Ashley Benson while she was promoting Buxom Cosmetics at Ulta Beauty in Los Angeles, to get the exclusive scoop on Hanna's "tricky situation," the twin twist, and why the actress is still devastated by Haleb's breakup.

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In the most recent episode, Hanna dropped a huge bombshell when she said to this new Uber A, "I'm the one that killed Charlotte -- come after me." I can assume this is not going to end well?

I wish I could tell you how it ends! It's a pretty tricky situation that Hanna is in, and she's just done with the bullying and just wants to live a normal life. She's ready to take the bait. So you guys will see what happens.

What was your reaction when you read this finale script?

I was very excited. I got to do some really cool things, and the finale is very different from what we have done before. Obviously, there's a lot of danger and searching, this and that, that we've had in other season finales, but this one, there is so many emotions. I think that's why it's one of my favorites because you get to see what happened to Hanna and Caleb and their break-up and there are super cool shots I got to do in the rain and it's like slow motion. So I saw that in the preview and was like, "Yes!" I was screenshotting it because it was my rain moment because I never had one. But yeah, I think the fans are really going to like it and I think hopefully they are going to be left on their feet being like, "What just happened?" And there's a twin that's going to be revealed, so a lot of people think it's going to be Hanna's twin…

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Do you think Hanna could really have a twin and, if so, what would that twin be like?

I definitely think Hanna could have a twin -- I hope she has a twin. I'm like, "Yes, we need two Hannas!" The reason why I want to play a twin is so I could do split personalities, which is kind of fun to play. Like, the evil twin was with Jordan this whole time and like Hanna is waiting for Caleb. That's just my theory.


Speaking of Caleb, when you found out that Hanna and Caleb were going to be broken up after the five year time-jump, what was your reaction?

I cried. Like literally, I cried. I was so upset. I was like, "You have to change it! There's no other guy for Hanna." And when I found out he was going to be with Spencer, I was like, "There's no way. You cannot be with Spencer!" I was like literally crying. I called Tyler [Blackburn] and was like, "You'll never believe what I just heard!" He was like, "What?!"And I'm like,"We're not going to get married!" I thought we were going to get married, have kids, and then I find out that we're breaking up. I think I was the most depressed out of any of the fans. I'm so depressed. I go on YouTube and look at Hanna and Caleb videos 24/7 just because I'm so depressed about it.

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So when PLL's creator Marlene King told you that Hanna and Caleb were going to be splitting up, did you try and change her mind?

I definitely tried to get in the writers' room and say, "How we can get this different? Can we just do one episode where they're not together?" Marlene was like, "Ashley, the fans have to go through this." And I was like, "No! The fans are going to hate it!" I mean, everyone has mixed feelings, but Spencer and Caleb are cute, I will admit that -- but not as cute as me and Caleb. So, I'm still hoping we get back together.

What should fans know before tuning in to Pretty Little Liars' season six finale?

Fans are going to be blown away. There's going to be a cute Haleb flashback that you're going to see, which fans are super excited about. I'm Team Haleb as everyone knows that, so I think it's going to be super cool and everyone is going to be super happy.

Pretty Little Liars' season six finale airs Tuesday, March 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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