'Survivor' Crowns Season 32 Winner -- How They Played the 'Underdog' Role to Win the Big Prize!

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Another Survivor winner has been revealed!

After 39 days, three medical evacuations and an ousted jury member, the long-running CBS reality staple crowned the champion of Survivor: Kaoh Rong: 24-year-old New Jersey native Michele Fitzgerald.

Michele, who started off the season in the Beauty tribe, beat out runner-ups Aubrey Bracco and Tai Trang to win the $1 million prize and be named the season’s Sole Survivor.

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At the reunion show, Michele explained her strategy going into the grueling competition.

“I played a really social game. I think that’s pretty evident. But I think my social game was not based on emotion. It was really about getting to know people on a personal level as a friendship first,” she said.

“I did play in the middle a lot … which is a dangerous place to play, but at the same time I wasn’t really being blamed for anything. My name wasn’t on the chopping block often,” Michele added. “The key is absolutely knowing when to hop. It’s knowing who to trust.”

She spoke of playing up the “underdog” mentality all season long, which, even Survivor host Jeff Probst noted, helped her tremendously.

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“I guess I did have a bit of an underdog story in the sense that I came in as a Beauty tribe girl,” Michele said. “Brain and Brawn people come in as people who are known to be smart or known to be tough. As Beauty, you have to prove those things and I played under the radar a little bit.”

“When I had to come out kicking, screaming, fighting, I did,” she concluded.

Congrats Michele, it clearly worked!

returns for season 33 this fall on CBS.