EXCLUSIVE: Watch the Hilarious 'Bob's Burgers' Comic-Con Sizzle Reel


Enjoy these hilarious highlights, handpicked by creator Loren Bouchard.

Bob’s Burgers is
bringing the laughs to the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con.

Creator and executive producer Loren Bouchard and the hilarious
cast -- H. Jon Benjamin (Bob), Dan Mintz (Tina), Eugene Mirman (Gene), John Roberts (Linda),
Kristen Schaal (Louise) and Larry Murphy (Teddy) -- are making a welcome return to the
convention, giving fans insight into the hilarious Emmy Award-winning animated
FOX series. And ET has your exclusive first look at the sizzle reel Bouchard
and the cast handpicked for the panel.

The two-and-a-half-minute reel features some of the best moments
from season six, including “The Horse Rider-er,” which earned the series an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Animated Program.

The episode, which saw Tina break up with her imaginary
horse, Jericho (Paul Rudd), also happens to be among Bouchard’s favorites.

MY FAVORITE SCENE: 'Bob's Burgers' Creator on the Inspiration Behind Tina's Horse Obsession

“Why does any girl become obsessed with horses? I’d guess
mostly because it’s about a relationship -- and the success of your
relationship is revealed in the ring. In theory, if you take the time to
understand your horse and build trust, you’ll get the blue ribbon,” Bouchard
told ET. “That’s why I love this episode -- because Tina feels all of this
going into it and romanticizes it all, but then she doesn't bond with her horse
(and it’s not for lack of trying). And how she deals with that situation is
what makes her a great and interesting character, in my opinion.”