Chris Noth Is Back as Mr. Big! Watch Him Recreate a Famous 'Sex and the City' Scene With Andy Cohen


Attention Sex and the City fans: Mr. Big is back, and better than ever!

Chris Noth reprised his iconic role during a hilarious "Club Playhouse" segment on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday, with assistance from host Andy Cohen, who portrayed Sarah Jessica Parker's beloved character, Carrie Bradshaw.

"I always kind of wondered what it would be like to be Carrie Bradshaw," Cohen exclaims in the clip, before putting on a curly brunette wig. "Tonight, I finally get my chance!"

The reenactment was all Cohen's idea, and he specifically wanted to recreate a famous scene from season six, where the couple argues about Carrie going to Paris. "Yeah, she had brown hair then, we checked," Cohen explains as he also puts on a cream-colored jacket over his suit.

The two then make their way over to a green screen, which displays Carrie's New York City apartment.

"Are you moving to Paris?" Noth asks. "When were you going to tell me? You're not even going to tell me who he is?"

"His name is Aleksandr Petrovsky," Cohen replies, turning away dramatically and shaking his head, just as Carrie would. "You do this every time! Every time! What do you have some kind of radar [that] Carrie might be happy and it's time to sweep in and s**t all over me?"

"What? No," Noth replies. "Look, I came here to tell you something, I made a mistake. You and I are really…"

"You and I are nothing," Cohen says, cutting Noth off and punching his chest in anger. "You cannot do this to me. You cannot jerk me around."

And if that weren't already hilarious enough, the two gave the iconic scene a twist -- sealing it with a kiss!

"That's technically not how it ended," Cohen jokes, "but that was awesome!"

See it all go down in the video below.

Last October 2015, ET caught up with Parker, who gushed over her first love, ballet. Long before she was rocking designer heels as Carrie Bradshaw, the aspiring ballerina dressed herself in leotards, light pink tights and ballet slippers.


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