Michael Sheen Says Ex Kate Beckinsale and Girlfriend Sarah Silverman Gang Up on Him: They 'All Just Make Fun o

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The 'Masters of Sex' star opened up to Chelsea Handler about his ex's close friendship with his girlfriend.

Michael Sheen knows what it's like to get ganged up on by the important women in his life.

Thirteen years after the Masters of Sex star split from longtime girlfriend Kate Beckinsale, the two are still close and spend a lot of time co-parenting their 17-year-old daughter, Lily. What's more, Sheen's ex is even friends with his girlfriend, comedian Sarah Silverman.

The celebrated actor sat down with Chelsea Handler for an interview on her Netflix talk show, Chelsea, where he opened up about his friendship with Beckinsale.

"Our relationship now is probably better than it ever was," Sheen explained. "And it helps that she actually likes Sarah more than she likes me."

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Sheen and Beckinsale called it quits in 2003 after the actress struck up a relationship with director Len Wiseman while filming Underworld. Despite the drama of their breakup, the two remained amiable and continue to be in their daughter's life together.

In 2014, Sheen began dating Silverman, and told Handler that the close-knit bond between the two loves of his life "works out pretty well."

"The only way it doesn’t work out is that now I have not only Sarah, but also Kate and my daughter Lily, who all just make fun of me and embarrass me at any given point," Sheen explained.

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The actor recounted a time when he was giving Beckinsale a ride somewhere in his car and he dropped his keys underneath the vehicle. As he was crawling around on the ground trying to retrieve them, Beckinsale spent the whole time recording the embarrassing incident on her phone.

She then sent the video to Silverman and his daughter, who began to text him at the same time to mock him about the mishap.

"That is my life now, on a day-to-day basis," Sheen joked.

Check out Sheen's full interview on Chelsea when it streams on Netflix on Wednesday, beginning at 12:01 am. PST.

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