Seth Meyers Tries Embarrassingly Hard to Be Hip to Impress Miley Cyrus


Seth Meyers hung out with Miley Cyrus on Thursday's Late Night, and things got awkward really quick when the talk show host decide to go all out to impress the pop star in a new installment of "Forced Friendships."

Starting off strong, Meyers opted for a septum piercing to prove how hip and with it he is. Unfortunately, the Voice coach was less-than-impressed by the ostentatious body modification.

After Meyers painfully ripped the nose ring right out, he gave Cyrus a tour of 30 Rockefeller Center, which is home to the studios where many of NBC's biggest shows are shot.

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While awkwardly showing her around his set as he threw out "youthful" slang, Meyers tried to impress the singer by pointing at his Late Show desk and telling her that he once had sex on it.

"Uh! Eww," Cyrus blurted out.

"What if I told you it was a three-way?" Meyers asked quickly.

"I wouldn't believe you," Cyrus shot back as she walked away.

Turning to watch her leave, Meyers whispered sadly to himself, "What if I told you it was a one way?"

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Things only got worse when Meyers took Cyrus to the NBC Studio Store. After suggesting that they steal some clothes to be cool, Meyers was approached by a clearly-30-year-old man dressed like a teenager from a high school PSA from the early '90s, who praised the host for being "the best at Snapchat filters."

Needless to say, Cyrus remained unimpressed. No matter how hard Meyers tried, he just couldn't get the hang of being youthful -- a realization he came to after eating loose marijuana leaves and freaking out under a table.

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"I was just trying to be cool and connect with you," Meyers said, freaking out. "But I'm not cool! I'm so lame. My idea of rebelling is going a day without shampoo!"

While Meyers might not be the hippest kid on the block anymore, he is happily married and recently welcomed his first son – an experience he recounted in a heartfelt monologue he shared just days after becoming a new dad. Hear about the Late Show host's hilarious pregnancy adventure in the video below.

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