'Gilmore Girls' Releases New Poster on National Coffee Day Because How Could They Not?


Plus, find out what other TV shows and which celebrities are celebrating coffee's big day.

As much as Lorelei Gilmore loves the first snow of winter, Christmas isn't the most important day for Stars Hollow's biggest caffeine addict -- National Coffee Day is.

At least, that's what we assume, and Gilmore Girls seems to agree. A new poster was released on Thursday (that's National Coffee Day, natch) teasing the Nov. 25 premiere date of the Netflix revival series, and our hearts couldn't be more aflutter -- and it has nothing to do with that seventh cup of coffee we just drank.

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The new teaser features Lorelei and her daughter, Rory, drinking cups of coffee under the title of the four-part event, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. We also may get a tattoo of the Twitter caption that accompanied the poster: "Drink it. Shoot it. Eat it. Snort it. Whatever form it's in, gimme. #NationalCoffeeDay."

Amen, Gilmores. Amen.

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Though this mother-daughter duo is the pinnacle of caffeine addiction for us, plenty of other TV shows and real-life celebs shared their love of coffee on the drink's big day.

Shay Mitchell posed in teal lingerie for the occasion, you know, as you do.

iZombie's Rose McIver tweeted a photo of herself and co-stars Aly Michalka and David Anders holding up mugs at craft services. "National coffee day. Mother's milk. #BehindtheBrains," she wrote.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar has declared this day #SMG Day, to her love of coffee.

Trisha Yearwood also admitted that every day is National Coffee Day in her world.

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Actress-singer Bridget Mendler and her pal, Samantha Boscarino, showed off their dishware of choice: giant glass pitchers. We. Get. It.

Wil Wheaton was as humorous as ever when he realized what day it was:

And, listen, we know she's just a cartoon character, but Bob's Burgers' Tina Belcher is basically our spirit animal.

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Now, go get your free cups of coffee. Happy caffeination, nation!