Allison Williams Bids Emotional Farewell to 'Girls': 'I Couldn't Feel Luckier'


The final season of the hit HBO show will air in 2017.

It's the end of an era.

Allison Williams has officially ended her run as Marnie Michaels in the hit HBO show, Girls. After wrapping her final scene on Wednesday, the 28-year old actress took to social media to say her goodbyes.

"Marnie has officially gone wherever all characters go when we stop watching them. And I couldn't feel luckier that I got to play her," Williams wrote, alongside a photo of herself and show creator, Lena Dunham. "This lady, @lenadunham, gave me everything. She gave me the most incredible challenges and adventures and the opportunity to know and love our Girls family. She also gave me her fierce friendship, wit, love, and loyalty, all while making me giggle on a constant basis."

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Williams concluded with a message to executive producer, Judd Apatow, and the production crew. "To everyone - our cast, our crew, HBO, my family - thank you. And to @juddapatow, thanks for watching a YouTube video of a 22 year-old fresh out of college and inviting her to audition for Marnie Marie Michaels, I’ve been grateful every single day since."

Dunham followed suit with her own tear-jerking tribute to Williams. "Tonight we said goodbye to Allison Williams, aka Marnie Marie Michaels, aka the most talented, hard-working, generous, tireless, self-deprecating and delicious smelling woman I have ever known," Dunham captioned a personal photo of Williams. "Have you ever met someone who got a hand injury writing Thank You notes? Neither had I until Allison came along. From the moment we met her six years ago, we knew she would give everything to this character and she did. Her bravery, sense of adventure and tenacity has made every day with her an honor."

"Instead of sharing a pic of Allison as the inimitable Marnie I'm sharing this: from a hospital stay I had where Allison came and organized my entire room, fluffed my pillow, put roses everywhere, installed an Apple TV AND made sure I had a buttered bagel," Dunham continued. "That's the most important thing to know about this woman. Yes she's gorgeous. Yes she's funny as f*ck. But you will never have a better friend and sister. We are so lucky. I love you, Al."

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Shooting the upcoming season has been an emotional ride for the
Girls squad. Earlier in the month, Dunham shared an emotional Instagram post captioned, "Today on set I said the words 'I’ve got my fake nipples on and I'm ready to party!' Gonna miss this job."

In January, it was announced that Girls would end after season six, with the final season slated for debut in 2017.

Watch the video below for an exclusive deleted scene from the show's archives.