EXCLUSIVE: Lucas Till Catches a Suspect in Impressive DIY Fashion on 'MacGyver'

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hasn’t lost his step.

On Friday’s episode of CBS’ freshman action drama, secret agent Angus “Mac” MacGyver (Lucas Till) shows off his impressive DIY skills when he and his partner, former CIA agent Jack Dalton (George Eads), have a fleeing suspect on their hands.

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In ET’s exclusive sneak peek from the episode, titled “Can Opener,” MacGyver digs deep into his childhood to help bring down the culprit without brandishing a gun. When he was younger, his grandpa installed an invisible fence so when their dog tried to escape, it was physically shocked by its collar.

But the ever-ingenious young Mac figured out a way to keep the dog within bounds without causing harm. Who knew that would come into play years later?

Using a long red hose and wires conveniently located near him, MacGyver climbs atop several large containers to get into position, spraying a large circle with petrol. When the Serbian agent they’re chasing gets within range, MacGyver advises Dalton to create a spark, causing the petrol to catch flame and creating a literal ring of fire. Watch the video above to see what happens next!

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Till, one of ET’s fall TV breakout stars, and Eads recently spoke to ET about their on-screen bond translating to real life.

"We've been at dinner and he said he was glad to finally meet somebody that was just about as crazy as he was," Eads told ET in September.

"George looks after me and makes sure I don't die," Till added. "He uses the guns, because MacGyver famously doesn't use guns."

airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

For more on CBS’ freshman drama, watch the video below.