EXCLUSIVE: 'The Royals' Stars on Meeting the Queen, Talk Elizabeth Hurley: 'She Eats Biscuits All the Time!'


The young stars of The Royals are dishing on their real-life encounters with royal family and having the “absolutely stunning” Elizabeth Hurley play their mother.

With season three of the soap premiering on Sunday, William Moseley and Alexandra Park got candid about Hurley, who despite recently flaunting her fabulous figure in a red bikini, “eats biscuits all the time,” they say.

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“At 4 p.m., she’ll be like, ‘Can I have a digestive and a cup of tea please?’” Moseley tells ET, laughing at the thought. “She’s happily eating away and she doesn’t exercise a lot. She walks a lot.”

“She’s a real outdoorsy farm girl,” adds Park, 27. “Every weekend she heads straight to her country home and she’s riding tractors, feeding animals and gardening. Then she’s back in the make-up chair at 4 a.m. and I just look at her, like [‘Wow’]. She always looks beautiful!”

The pair, who play twins Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor, had to pinch themselves when they found out they would be working so closely with the screen icon, who portrays the Queen. While Park was initially intimidated, she quickly realized how “down-to-earth, giving and passionate” Hurley is. Moseley, meanwhile, was blown away by the 51-year-old’s natural beauty.

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“The first time I met her she came in wearing this blue V-neck, cashmere jumper, high heels, tights jeans, and her hair was amazing,” recalls Moseley, 29. “I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ She asked how old I was and said, ‘I could almost be your mother.’ I’m like, ‘Uh, you don’t look like my mother!’ She looks absolutely stunning and she’s even more beautiful without makeup.”

The series, from One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn, follows a fictional royal family as they grapple with corruption, morality, royal duty and public life, while dealing with the aftermath of the murders of King Simon and eldest sibling King Robert. Along the way, there’s drugs, sex and booze in the salacious palace, where moms sleep with their daughter’s boyfriends, heirs get their maids knocked up and birthday parties feature bumper cars, which you have to fail a DUI test to drive.

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While it’s a scandalously heightened version of reality, The Royals has drawn parallels with real life.

Season two saw the despicable, fear-inducing Cyrus (Jake Maskell) crowned king, just months before Donald Trump’s presidential win sparked protests across America. And long before Prince Harry was worrying about paparazzi following girlfriend Meghan Markle’s every move, Prince Liam’s American love was struggling to come to terms with media attention.

“As the seasons have gone by, things come up in the news and we go, ‘Wow. Is what we’re doing that different to what everyone’s actually doing?’” says Park. “It’s surprising and shocking. It shows we just exaggerate real life. But do we?”

While Hurley is in for a hilarious bedroom romp in Sunday’s premiere, Prince Liam gets involved in a fight club. “I’m slightly stand-offish when I have to get my shirt off, so it was like, ‘Just throw him a fight scene and he’ll get his shirt off!’” jokes Moseley.

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The Brit adds that the shocking revelation that the twins’ older brother, Prince Robert -- whose presumed death kicked off the series -- is still alive will be “instrumental” to coming storylines, while Park teases the turbulent romance between Princess Eleanor and security hunk Jasper (Tom Austen), could heat up again. That is, if she can fully forgive him for planning to rob her, then sleeping with her mom, the Queen!

“We see a different side of Jasper this season,” says Park, who appeared on Australian soap Home and Away, before landing her first major role on The Royals. “He’s proved himself by being the main person who discovered [King] Simon’s killer, and he loves Eleanor and wants to gain her trust back. He’s part of the family in this strange way.”

Park and Moseley would love to see Hurley’s friend (and ex) Hugh Grant make a cameo on the show, while David Beckham is also high on the wish list. Joan Collins, who plays the Queen’s mother, the Grand Duchess of Oxford, has been the stand-out guest so far.

“Elizabeth Hurley as your mom, Joan Collins as your grandma -- it’s a bloody good family!” says Park. “Joan Collins is incredible. She’s very professional and she also improvises and throws things at us. We love that because it’s like, ‘What’s she going to do today?’ She keeps us on our toes and is funny and witty, like Elizabeth.”

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While there’s unlikely to be any appearances or feedback from Prince William or Prince Harry, Moseley says he’d love to sit down and chat with them one day. He has already met the elder royals, including the “lovely” Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

“I remember Prince Charles talking to me about horse-riding because I did some riding,” says Moseley. “But when I met the Queen, that was one of those huge moments. I don’t remember anything she said because it was a mad blur, but she was really real, really nice and really cool.”

The Royals
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