EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelor' Nick Viall Admits He Was 'Uncomfortable' When Corinne Took Her Top Off

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It turns out we weren't the only ones a little shocked by Corinne's little striptease on Monday's episode of The Bachelor.

ET's Leanne Aguilera sat down with the Bachelor himself, Nick Viall, during ABC's Television Critics Association press day on Tuesday, where he revealed that despite giving Corinne the group date rose, he felt "a little uncomfortable" holding her bare boobs, "Janet Jackson style," in the pool.

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"I think you even saw on the show that I was sort of caught off guard, and quite honestly, I was a little uncomfortable, but I like people and women who are expressive and confident and willing to take risks," he said. "I think we should be careful about judging and criticizing people so quickly for doing that."

As viewers saw on this week's episode, Corinne decided to show Nick "the more Corinne side of Corinne" when she took her bikini top off during the pair's wedding-style photo shoot in a pool -- with all the other girls watching.

"Corinne was in the moment and certainly was being guided by the photographer and I don't think she meant anything by that, but I was a little bit uncomfortable," Nick repeated.

"But at the same time, I wasn't going to give too much credit to that particular situation one way or the other," he said. "My decision to give Corinne the rose wasn't in any way based off that, for better or worse. It was more based off the conversations that I know a lot of which wasn't shown."

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Nick also opened up about his Bachelor experience a little bit further down the road, as viewers caught that the show just might have revealed that Rachel makes it to the final three. 

During a season teaser that aired during the Countdown to Nick special before The Bachelor premiere earlier this month, Nick is seen toasting "to Finland," with the 31-year-old attorney. In a press release sent out in December, the network revealed that Nick heads to the country with his final three women.

"Maybe," Nick teased. "I honestly don't even know if I can answer that, so I'm just not going to. But I hope you enjoy watching and finding out."

ET also caught up with Nick at ABC's TCA party later on Tuesday, where he and Bachelor host Chris Harrison further defended the season's villain, Corinne.

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See more in the video below.

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