'Saturday Night Live' Goes Inside Beyonce's Womb for a Look at Her Twin Babies


Saturday Night Live
found time in its busy schedule of lampooning American politics to joke around about the second most important news story currently in the public consciousness: Beyonce's forth-coming twins.

In the sketch, Sasheer Zamata plays the "Formation" singer and soon-to-be mother of three, who goes in for a ultrasound, performed by her OBGYN (Alec Baldwin).

While the doc rubs the ultrasound wand on Beyonce's belly, we get a look at the velvet-lined inside of Beyonce's womb, where her twin babies -- played Kenan Thompson and guest star Tracy Morgan – lounge around and talk about how great it's going to be to have Beyonce as their mom.

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While the visual gag of seeing Beyonce's twin babies played by grown men is actually really funny, the best line came from Morgan's savage shade-throwing when Thompson says, "I just don't wanna make mama mad. She's having a hard-enough time carrying us as it is."

"Oh no she's not. I heard she carried two full-grown ladies for 10 years, named Michelle and Kelly," Morgan shot back, burning Beyonce's former Destiny's Child bandmates, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland.

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While Thompson and Morgan played the twins, the singer and her husband, Jay Z, have not yet confirmed the gender of their forthcoming babies. For more on Beyonce's pregnancy news, check out the video below.