EXCLUSIVE: A 'Southern Charm' Love Triangle Breaks Out! Austen Kroll 'Taking' Chelsea Meissner From Shep Rose


Nothing makes for reality TV gold like a good, old-fashioned love triangle.

ET has your exclusive first look at Monday night’s Southern Charm, where Shep Rose learns that the woman he’s been pursuing has eyes for someone else: his best friend, Austen Kroll!

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Shep hit it off with Cameran Eubanks’ pal, Chelsea Meissner, but when he left town for a week, Austen moved in.

“I saw her talking to Austen at Thomas [Ravenel’s] polo match,” Whitney Sudler-Smith tells Shep.

“Hold on,” Shep says, his mouth full of grilled cheese. “What do you mean they were hanging out? Was it, like, a thing?”

“He seemed to be a bit cozy there,” Whitney responds. “So, maybe you got some competition, bro.”

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Cut to Austen’s apartment, where he’s giving his friend a breakdown of what’s going on.

“[Chelsea] made it seem like it wasn’t a big deal,” he explains. “I was like, do I say something to Shep? Do I not say something to Shep? It’s, like, bro code.”

“Mr. My-Cup-Floweth-Over, I’m taking this one from you,” he adds in a confessional.

Then it’s back to Shep and Whitney’s conversation, where Whitney dubs Austen moving in on Chelsea “dirty.”

“Are they hanging out more than just talking at that polo match?” Shep asks. “I wanna be in the know. That’s my gripe with the whole situation.”

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Sadly for Shep, it looks like Austen might be the one who wins Chelsea over. When ET visited Shep at home in March, he confessed that this is not the season he finds love.

“No, I can’t seem to find it anywhere,” he says. “The problem with me and Austen is, we both like the same girls.”

Southern Charm
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