Netflix's 'The Get Down' Canceled After One Season


The Get Down Brothers have played their last gig.

Netflix announced on Wednesday that The Get Down had been canceled after just one season.

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The music drama, which centered on the Bronx's hip-hop and disco scene in the late 1970s, premiered the six-episode first half of the first season on Aug. 12, 2016 and the second half on April 7, 2017.

The Get Down
was originally announced in February 2015, as the first television project from writer-director Baz Luhrmann. It was the first Netflix project to be split into two parts the the first show to be canceled on the streaming service after just one season.

Fans quickly took to social media to express their disappointment with Netflix over the decision. 

Luhrmann took to Facebook on Wednesday to share a note to fans following the show's cancellation. 

"I wanted to speak to you with an open heart and just acknowledge how humbled and moved that not only I, but all who have given so much to this production, have been by your passion and commitment to see the next chapter of The Get Down go back into production in the immediate future. I want to explain to you why that is unlikely to happen," he began.

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"When I was asked to come to the center of The Get Down to help realize it, I had to defer a film directing commitment for at least two years," he wrote. "This exclusivity has understandably become a sticking point for Netflix and Sony, who have been tremendous partners and supporters of the show. It kills me that I can’t split myself into two and make myself available to both productions. I feel so deeply connected to all those who I have worked and collaborated with on this remarkable experience."

"All sorts of things have been thrown around for the future... But the simple truth is, I make movies. And the thing with movies is, that when you direct them, there can be nothing else in your life. Since The Get Down stopped, I have actually been spending the last few months preparing my new cinematic work...

"The cast of this show is unique and exceptional. Apart from our stellar veteran actors, I can’t tell you how privileged we all felt to have found such young, new talents, many of whom are now starring in motion pictures, creating music, and taking tremendous strides in their careers," he continued. "We experienced things together that I will never forget. All of us in The Get Down family have been touched by this precious mission of telling the pre-history of a form of culture that would go on to change not only the city, but the world."

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ET sat down with the series' star, Shameik Moore, earlier this month, where he opened up about the show and his hopes for a second season. 

See more in the video below.