'This Is Us' Cast Leaks Fake Season 2 Spoilers -- and Some of Them Sound Totally Real!

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Jack Pearson does what?!

On Thursday’s Red Nose Day special, the stars of This Is Us reunited to share some spoilers for the anticipated second season.

“You guys are going to love season two, like, the scripts are so good,” Chrissy Metz began, before co-star Justin Hartley chimed in and “accidentally” revealed an early spoiler from the season that likely won’t happen but was oh-so believable!

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“Like in episode two, I like it when we find out that Rebecca has a long lost brother. That’s a good episode!” Hartley “spilled,” causing his castmates to shush him. “I never should have said that. Crap, this is going to be so hard.”

Metz joined in on the spoiler fun, hilariously revealing that her character, Kate, begins to date former NBA star Dennis Rodman, causing Chris Sullivan -- who plays her TV fiancé Toby -- to feign shock. “It’s not Dennis Rodman, it’s actually … Dennis Quaid,” Metz said in an attempt to backtrack. “I mean, his name is not even Dennis, like another guy.”

Sterling K. Brown
took over the reins, temporarily assuring his co-stars that “a professional” like him can handle a spoiler-free zone. But his “spoiler” may have been the highlight of the sketch!

“A lot of kids out there aren’t as lucky as my character, Randall, who finds out that his biological father [William] is not only still alive, but is actually his older brother,” Brown deadpanned. “I gave that away?”

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When Susan Kelechi Watson attempts to right the ship, asking viewers to donate to the Red Nose Day cause, Milo Ventimiglia couldn't help but drop in his own Jack-related spoiler: “Just like Jack donates his kidney in episode five!” LOL!

“I never told them how we get divorced,” Watson told Brown, who plays her TV husband, while the cast “argued” over “ruining season two.” “That’s a good one.”

Earlier this week, Moore spoke with ET at the 38th College Television Awards, giving us a taste of what may be in store for fans in the upcoming season.

"I think people will have some questions answered that they've been dying to know," the 33-year-old actress said. "I know people were sort of hungry for answers at the end of the [first] season, and I think the writers are heading that call to sort of give people what they want."

This Is Us
returns Thursdays this fall on NBC.

For more, watch Moore’s exclusive interview with ET below.