EXCLUSIVE: 'Pretty Little Liars' Star Reveals There's a 'Very Specific' A.D. Clue You Probably Missed!

Robinson says the series finale will flashback to major moments after A.D.'s identity is revealed!

Listen up Pretty Little Liars fans, if you want to know more about A.D.’s character it may be time to re-watch the series!

Brendan Robinson stopped by the ET studios on Wednesday for a live episode of our PLL aftershow, The Rosewood Rundown, where he teased what fans can expect from from the final four episodes of Pretty Little Liars and how he reacted when he found out A.D.’s true identity.

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“I won’t tell you what specific clues there are but there are hints that have been dropped for a long time,” Robinson said, adding that he was “thrown off” when he first got wind of A.D.’s identity.

“When I found out who it was, I hadn’t read the script yet, because it was a couple weeks in advance and it didn’t make total sense to me at first,” he explained. “And then, when I saw the script and I read it and we all sat down - and the people that are involved in those scenes do a really, really phenomenal job - all the questions are answered and it made sense.”

Robinson also explained that after A.D.’s identity is revealed the show will take viewers down Rosewood memory lane and highlight some A.D. moments that might have been missed.

“Yes, there are a lot of flashbacks in the finale,” he said. “You will see those things, and several of the things are not spoken but you actually see it as [a way to remember].”

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When asked if there’s any chance that Lucas is A.D. or has some sort of involvement with the character, Robinson said, “It’s possible.”

“I hope that after seeing that last scene that people cut Lucas some slack,” he continued. “So, maybe if he is involved in the whole thing they realize there is a motive behind it.”

“I’ll say this, if he is involved, I think it's for a good reason,” he said. “He is trying to protect Hanna for a good reason.”


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Robinson also noted that the brief eye-contact exchange between Lucas and Aria in this week’s episode (after the girls confront Lucas and accuse him of destroying Emison’s nursery) was intentional.

“I’m glad that you noticed that… that was supposed to be a really subtle thing that was written in the script. That was not an improvised thing,” he said. “It was a very specific moment that our writer, Maya Goldsmith, put in there... maybe you’ll learn a little more about that in future episodes.”

As for next week’s highly-anticipated engagement? Robinson played coy but said, “I’ve always wanted this engagement to happen… it’s not some red-herring thing.”

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