Corinne Olympios Says Her Own 'Bachelor in Paradise' Investigation Is Complete, Will Not Return to Franchise

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Corinne Olympios' Bachelor in Paradise investigation has been completed.

The 24-year-old reality star released a statement via her rep, Stan Rosenfield, on Thursday, stating that her team's investigation into what happened on the Bachelor in Paradise set earlier this month has been "completed to my satisfaction."

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"In light of the overwhelming amount of misinformation that has been spread in the media, I want to clarify a few things. My intent over the past few weeks has been to learn and understand what happened on June 4," Olympios said in her statement. "While I never filed complaints or accusations against anyone associated with Bachelor in Paradise, my team and I felt it was very important to be thorough in getting to the bottom of what had occurred."

"I felt victimized by the fact that others were judging me through conflicting and unsubstantiated reports, while I myself had no recollection of the events that transpired," her statement continued.

"My team’s investigation into this matter has now been completed to my satisfaction. I am also happy about the changes that have been made to the production of Bachelor in Paradise," Olympios shared. "While I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been a participant on The Bachelor, and while I was invited to return to Bachelor in Paradise when production resumed, I respectfully made the decision not to return."

"I understand the media’s interest in this story, and I greatly appreciate my fans’ concerns for my well-being, but I think it is best if I keep any further thoughts private for now," her statement concluded.

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Warner Bros. and ABC announced on June 20 that Bachelor in Paradise would resume production on season four after concluding that no misconduct occurred between Olympios and another contestant, DeMario Jackson. Olympios' lawyer, Marty Singer, told ET at the time that his and Olympios' own investigation would continue "based on multiple new witnesses coming forward revealing what they saw and heard."

Shortly after Olympios released her statement, Jackson took to Twitter, writing, "'I hope they will have the decency to clear my name with the same publicity with which they now have besmirched it' -Michael Corleone." 

In an interview with E! News this week, Jackson opened up about the scandal and the effect it has had on him and his family.

"It was very stressful. For me, mostly for my mother," he revealed. "It's hard to see your mom cry every single day. It was very difficult."

In a statement to ET earlier this month, Jackson's lawyer, Walter Mosley, said his client was "seeing doctors, meditating and just getting well." 

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"First and foremost, outside of making sure my client is healthy, is clearing his name, vindicating him," Mosley said. "He doesn't need this to be over him, so that's really my focus is clearing his name, [his] reputation."

A source told ET that Jackson will not be returning to Bachelor in Paradise this season.

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