Tyler Henry Opens Up About His Boyfriend and Sharing His Personal Side on New Show (Exclusive)

ET spoke with Henry about his new Netflix series and why he decided to share more of his life on the show.

The medium to some of Hollywood's biggest and brightest stars is back with a new TV show. ET spoke with Tyler Henry about his new Netflix series, Life After Death With Tyler Henry, where he opened up about his personal life and shared the story of his everyday clients in the process.

"This show is so different than Hollywood Medium. Over the past three years, we, I think, have all been through so much as a society, individually. And I think a lot of people have really had time to think about mortality and purpose," Henry said of the show, which is currently streaming on Netflix. "And so, I feel like this show's very timely in really meeting that demand of everyday clients, regular people who really needed a reading and were able to get it. And some were surprises."

"Some of them they were expecting, but the results were always kind of unpredictable." he continued. "You never knew what was going to happen."

On Life After Death With Tyler Henry, the world-renowned medium not only has shifted his readings to everyday people, but brings his services to them, expanding his readings to clients who may not be able to make the trip to see him in Los Angeles.

"I enjoyed Hollywood Medium, and doing that show and catering to celebrities on that show. But for me, my passion has always been helping everyday people. I'm an everyday person. I grew up in a small town in central California. And so it was kind of hearkening back to why I first started doing these readings, was for people who really needed it, people who might not be able to come to L.A.," Henry explained. "And so. I got to travel to them."

With the return to his roots, Henry has also shown off a more vulnerable side too, letting viewers in on his own, personal issues.

"I think there's power in owning our story and in owning that vulnerability. And I think for me, I learned through these readings, that so often people resonated with these readings because the clients were in a place of honesty and vulnerability and owning that human aspect, that kind of interconnects us all. So, for me, the show was an opportunity to do that very thing. To own my story without fear. And just to let people know that no matter what you're going through, you can get through the other side of it," the 26-year-old medium shared.

He also took audiences into readings with his family, particularly his mother, Theresa, who uncovered some dark family secrets this season.

"I think the show really conveys how immensely difficult it was. You know, people come to me for answers or clarity. And my goal is to always try to provide something along those lines if I can. And so to see my mom, who needed so badly answers herself, but to not be able to be the source of those answers, kind of how the tables turned on me," Henry shared. "I think it was almost kind of a universal irony there that I could do this for others, but when it came time for myself, I needed help from other resources."

Henry's boyfriend, Clint, is on the show too, but that doesn't mean he wants the spirits meddling in his relationship of five-plus years.

"Well, I always say, it helps to read strangers who I don't know or don't know anything about because I don't have bias, but when it comes to ourselves, we have implicit bias, right? We have our own hopes and fears and concerns. So, it is a little bit more challenging reading myself," Henry told ET. "But I would say, my ability and intuition has allowed me to get a sense of who I resonate with and who I don't. And that is immensely valuable in kind of getting an understanding of who's a likely candidate for a long-term relationship or a long-term friendship."

See more readings and personal moments from Henry on Life After Death With Tyler Henry, streaming now on Netflix.