Tyrese Gibson Wins Child Support Ruling Against His Ex-Wife

The 'Fate of the Furious' actor got the court to limit his ex-wife's requests for child care reimbursement on Monday.

Tyrese Gibson enjoyed a small victory in his series of contentious legal battles with ex-wife, Norma Gibson.

On Monday, a judge ruled in his favor, in part, placing some very specific limits on what child support expenses Norma can demand from Tyrese.

According to documents obtained by ET, child care costs -- for example, paying for a babysitter for their 11-year-old daughter, Shayla --  incurred by Norma while running "non-work errands" or to "run her household" are not reimbursable.

However, the Fate of the Furious star wasn't granted everything he hoped for. The court ruled that the law regarding child support reimbursement "does not limit the type of employment" Norma may pursue.

Which means that she can still ask her ex to pay for any money she spends on childcare while "developing her life coaching business, working on her book, and pursuing her art," with the stipulation that "the art is done as business."

As for the actor's reported demands that his ex-wife keeps an itemized list of all expenses, the court agreed, to a degree, recommending (but not legally requiring) that Norma "maintain a diary of time spent on work."

This is the latest development in a tumultuous and very public battle between the former couple and comes just over one year after the actor was granted joint custody of their little girl, following a protracted legal dispute over guardianship.

Tyrese and Norma were married in 2007 and split in 2009. The actor got remarried to Samantha Lee in February 2017, and the couple welcomed their first child together on Oct. 1. For more on Tyrese and Norma's legal drama, watch the video below.