Val Chmerkovskiy Admits It's 'Not Easy' Seeing Jenna Johnson With Different Dance Partners (Exclusive)

The 'Dancing With the Stars' pro talked to ET in Brooklyn, New York, ahead of the release of his new book, 'I'll Never Change My Name.'

Val Chmerkovskiy can admit to a little jealousy.

The Dancing With the Stars pro talked to ET's Keltie Knight on Monday at the Tatiana Restaurant and Nightclub in the Brighton Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, ahead of the March 6 release of his new book, I'll Never Change My Name. The 31-year-old dancer confessed that it's a little tough to see his girlfriend and DWTS colleague, Jenna Johnson, dancing with other partners since she made the troupe.

"It's hard," Val acknowledged. "The type of person I am, I mean, I'm fairly jealous. I mean, look, I have all these emotions, you know."

"I'm not perfect," he continued. "But I have to check myself and be fair and say, like, ... how can I hold this against her if I'm in the same situation? And I would never want to compromise my artistry, you know, because I wouldn't want to make my significant other feel uncomfortable.

"But I think it's also, this is part of the new chapter in my life and, you know, it takes some sacrifice to have a healthy relationship. And, you know, you gotta be willing to make those sacrifices and I'm definitely willing to make certain sacrifices to make it work."

It's definitely a good outlook to have!

Val also got candid during his discussion with ET in explaining why he decided he needed to write a book. For one thing, it allows him to tell his story as a dancer, free from being paired with "the stars."

"Dancing With the Stars is not a show about me, it's a show about my partner, it's a show about celebrities that join the show," he explained. "For me to talk about my accolades before joining Dancing With the Stars would be silly, but that's why I'm excited for this book." 

Val revealed that the title, I'll Never Change My Name, was actually inspired by a conversation about keeping his name after joining the show -- regardless of how difficult it is for some people to pronounce.

"Joining Dancing With the Stars all of a sudden after 16 years of competing as a born dancer before the United States, I became all of a sudden... I'm the Russian kid, you know? And I was saying that my last name will never, you know, Chmerkovskiy will never sound less foreign, but it doesn't make me less American, less proud or less grateful."

It also will give the reader a chance to see Val beyond competing for the mirrorball trophy -- including his desire to be a dad.

"I can't wait to be a father," Chmerkovskiy shared. "I'm more eager to be a father than a husband, for sure."

"This book is my parents' accomplishments. I am a reflection of their hard work," he added. "My kid, that's gonna be my accomplishment."

Watch the video below for more from our conversation with Val.




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