'Valley Girl': Watch the First Trailer From the Musical Adaptation of the '80s Classic

valley girl Jessica Rothe Josh Whitehouse
Orion Classics

The movie, which stars Jessica Rothe and Josh Whitehouse as star-crossed teens, is out on digital on May 9.

Get ready to head back to the '80s!

The first trailer for Valley Girl, the musical adaptation of the cult classic 1983 film, dropped on Thursday, giving fans a look at "the awesomest love story ever told."

The clip kicks off in the present day, as a mother (Alicia Silverstone) recounts her neon-tinted teenage years -- including an elaborate musical sequence in the middle of a shopping mall -- to her daughter (Camila Morrone), who's just broken up with her boyfriend.

"You were singing and dancing on a fountain?" Morrone asks, bewildered.

"That's how I remember it!" Silverstone insists.

Then we flash back to '80s perfection, to the first meeting between star-crossed teens Julie (Jessica Rothe) -- the ultimate Valley Girl -- and Randy (Josh Whitehouse), a punk rocker from the wrong side of the Hollywood Hills.

The pair fall hard -- to a soundtrack that includes retro hits like "We Got the Beat" and "Take on Me" -- but of course, their future plans and expectations from friends and family threaten to derail their unlikely romance.

"You don't date guys like that!" Julie's friends insist, as she attempts to fit in with Randy's rocker friends while he throws punches at her preppy classmates.

"Maybe that's good for a change," she replies.

Orion Classics

Directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg, the film also stars Chloe Bennet, Mae Whitman, Ashleigh Murray, Logan Paul, Jessie Ennis, Rob Huebel and Judy Greer.

Valley Girl will be available on Digital on May 8.