'Vanderpump Rules' Finale: Brittany Asks the Girls to Respect Jax in Wake of Rage Text Drama (Exclusive)

Brittany Cartwright on Bravo's 'Vanderpump Rules'

If there's one constant in the world of Vanderpump Rules, it’s rage texting.

Jax Taylor’s latest rage texts come back to bite him in the season 8 finale, and ET has your exclusive first look. Jax's wife, Brittany Cartwright, meets up with Katie Maloney-Schwartz, Lala Kent and Stassi Schroeder to clear the air for her husband after his message to their friends led to dueling pool parties that effectively split the group in half. Jax and Brittany had invited everyone to their house, but then Jax started uninviting people for, really, no reason. To make sure anyone excluded from that party had a place to hang, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix organized a pool party of their own on the exact same day. Lala mistakenly told Brittany that the competing parties were Katie’s idea, which led to a tense exchange between Brittany and Katie, with Brittany essentially telling Katie she’s not allowed to judge Jax's behavior because she has a history of rage texting, too.

"If we want to go there, when I’ve rage texted people, it’s not completely unfounded," Katie tells Brittany. "I didn't just wake up a sober morning, like, Jax did, unprovoked and go after someone who's innocent."

"So, because I’m guilty of rage texting before, I shouldn't have any leg to stand on right now?" she then asks in a confessional. "I've paid for what I've done and now Jax needs to pay and do his time."

"This is my take on it: definitely, Jax messed up, but Tom Sandoval was doing it out of pettiness," Brittany says in her husband's defense. "Sandoval will never be invited to anything I ever have again. He made that decision very easy."

"There's one person to blame for all of this," Katie fires back. "I'mma block his a**. I’m good on Jax Taylor right now."

The girls plead with her to not block Jax, even though he's known to block people frequently.

"We know Jax messed up, but this time he noticed it and he's on top of it and he’s trying to stop it and fix it," Brittany tells Katie. "Please remember that that's my husband, so we need to have respect."

Watch the full exchange here:

The pool party predicament and the resulting fallout was due to a funk Jax entered into after his and Brittany’s wedding, so says Brittany.

"Jax did go through, like, an after-wedding depression-type mode, where he was kind of spiraling for a minute, but it wasn't between me and him," Brittany shared with ET in March. "It was between him and his friends, so that's something people are gonna see … There was a couple, well, like two weeks, maybe, where Jax was very upset."

Still, some of his actions seem to have caused fractions within his friend group beyond repair, most notably with Tom Sandoval. In the weeks following his wedding -- and months since -- Jax has said he regrets having Tom in his wedding party and has claimed that Tom's seemingly nice acts at the wedding (i.e. providing umbrellas for guests, moving an entire supply of liquor from one bar to another) were just that, acts.

"I'm not current -- not even a current, active friend -- but as a friend to him, seeing, like, such an amazing time like his wedding be overshadowed by him constantly talking s**t about me when it's, like, if you don't like me or care about me, I shouldn't be mentioned," Tom told ET in April. "And I'm annoyed with him for overshadowing his wedding with his hatred of me or whatever, that's frustrating to me, you know? I don't know. If I was Brittany, I'd be pissed."

The Vanderpump Rules season 8 finale airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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