Vanessa Lachey Says 'Love Is Blind' Fans Will Be 'Very Satisfied' With Raven and SK's Ending (Exclusive)

The co-host of the hit Netflix dating show shares her take on the upcoming special.

Vanessa Lachey doesn't think Love Is Blind fans will be disappointed when the season 3 After the Altar special drops its three episodes on Friday. The co-host of the hit Netflix dating show opened up to ET's Nischelle Turner about how the special covers the drama between stars Raven and SK

Viewers recall that SK said "I do not" to his fiancée at the altar only to reveal in the reunion episode that they'd rekindled their romance. 

But weeks later, it was revealed that SK had allegedly cheated on Raven with multiple women and shortly after the couple announced their split. 

Vanessa shares that After the Altar will handle "all those unanswered questions you want, and then they took it a step further with the new news and got them, so you should feel very satisfied."

Vanessa, who is preparing to star in her own Netflix and GM Super Bowl commercial, tells ET that watching season 3 changed her initial impressions of Raven and SK. 

"She grew on me so much. I found myself rooting for him and then I found myself turning and rooting for her," Vanessa says of the Pilates instructor. "And then I was like, 'I don't know who I'm rooting for. I'm just rooting for you guys together as an adult couple to figure out whatever it is that's going wrong.'"


As for the cheating allegations, Vanessa admits she took it hard. 

"I don't even know up from down, right from wrong anymore. I want to personally talk to her, which I haven't yet, and not believe everything, but there are certain things that are true that are out there," she says of the split. "And they do address that on After the Altar."

In a new trailer for After the Altar, fans see a tearful Raven claim that SK "cheated" on her after also showing him proposing a second time. 

"That's the beauty of this is that it's not produced. We don't say, 'We want you guys to fall in love. We want you to leave her at the altar. And then we want you to get back together.' That's life," she says of how Raven and SK's relationship played out. "They go through those ebbs and flows and those ups and downs like any normal relationship."

As for season 4 of Love Is Blind, Vanessa couldn't give much away, but she did share a three-word teaser -- "Soon. Marriage. Runaway." 

Love Is Blind: After the Altar premieres on Netflix on Feb. 10.