Victoria Beckham Hints That She May Join Spice Girls Onstage During Their Tour

Victoria Beckham

The fashion mogul knows how to get her fans' attention!

Although Victoria Beckham has already made it clear that she isn’t joining the rest of the Spice Girls on their upcoming tour, she’s willing to admit that she still might end up on stage!

The 44-year-old fashion designer paid a visit to Good Morning America on Thursday, where she discussed her newly launched sportswear collection with Reebok and, while on hand, she offered the tour and the group's remaining four members -- Mel B, Melanie C, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton, her full support.

“I’ll always be a Spice Girl,” she said. “And I’m so proud of everything I achieved. I’m proud of them. It’s gonna be the best show. I can’t wait to take my kids and see it. But, you know, with my business now, I just wouldn’t be able to do it… but I wish them so much luck and love and it’s going to be great and, in spirit, I will absolutely be there with them.”

Co-host Michael Strahan followed up by asking Beckham if she might be tempted to take the stage when she attends. She responded: “Well, I mean, I don’t know. Let’s see.”

Beckham also discussed how much she loves the message behind the Spice Girls, which she continues to promote in her fashion.

“With the Spice Girls it was just great to travel the world, be with my best friends, have fun, you know, really spread the girl power message,” she shared. “And for me now it’s still about that. But now it’s about empowering women through fashion.”

Back in December, ET spoke with Bunton aka Baby Spice about her hosting gig on The Great American Baking Show -- Holiday Edition, where she opened up about Beckham’s support for the tour despite her absence.

"It’s so lovely because the support that we give each other anyway, like, she’s been emailing and we chat and she’s coming to the show,” she explained. “The four of us feel very strong now as a team, so she’ll be watching. It would be nice to have her there."

The tour kicks off in May and will span Ireland and the U.K.

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