Emma Bunton Reveals How She Plans to Coax Victoria Beckham to Join the Spice Girls Reunion (Exclusive)

The host of the ‘Great American Baking Show’ spoke with ET about the upcoming reunion tour.

Baby Spice has a few tricks up her sleeve!

Emma Bunton plans to use her new gig as the host of The Great American Baking Show -- Holiday Edition to her advantage when it comes to the upcoming Spice Girls reunion tour. As she prepares to hit the road with her hit girl group, including Mel B, Mel C, and Geri Halliwell, Bunton might use her TV gig to help bring Victoria Beckham back into the mix. 

"She likes blueberries, so maybe we could do like a blueberry muffin,” the 42-year-old musician and TV personality suggests to ET’s Nischelle Turner of how they might entice Posh Spice. “Crumble, that’s even better. I’d have to get one of the contestants to do it, I’d get lost.”  

Jokes aside, Bunton says the foursome are perfectly ready to hit the stage once more, even without their fifth member. 

"It’s so lovely because the support that we give each other anyway, like, she’s been emailing and we chat and she’s coming to the show,” she says of Beckham. “The four of us feel very strong now as a team, so she’ll be watching. It would be nice to have her there."

As for whether fans can expect some onstage celebrity cameos from the likes of superfan Adele, Chrissy Teigen, Emma Stone, and more, Bunton coyly teases, "I couldn’t possibly say."

With the tour set to kick off next May, Bunton says the group is busy preparing for their return to the limelight.

“We’re creating the stage, we are talking about the set list, and we love that bit and we sit together and we’re like, ‘What are we gonna do for this song?’ and ‘What are the outfits gonna be?', so that’s where we are at the moment,” she reveals. 

So will harsh British baking judge Paul Hollywood be in attendance?

"Now he wants to come to the show. He already texted me, but I might have to ban him. Can you imagine if he’s in the front row looking at me with those eyes? I would be scared,” Bunton quips of her TV co-star.  

Though she admits she’s not exactly a wiz in the kitchen, Bunton is thrilled to take on the new role. 

"I just felt like all of my dreams have come true at once. Its the best job ever,” she says. "I try [baking] with my children, I do try, but it doesn’t matter because I’ve got a good palette and [I’m] a good eater. They do the baking. I do the tasting, and it’s great. "

The Great American Baking Show -- Holiday Edition premieres Thursday on ABC at 9 p.m. ET.