Victoria Beckham Says Justin Bieber Treated Her Kids to Halloween Snow Cones

Victoria Beckham and Justin Bieber
KARIM JAAFAR/AFP via Getty Images / Gotham/GC Images

The former Spice Girls member said that the pop star is 'a nice man.'

The Beckham kids got quite the Halloween treat!

On Tuesday, Victoria Beckham stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to recount how her family ended up at Justin Bieber's house on Halloween. 

"[Bieber] texted David -- this was on Halloween -- and asked what he was doing. And David said, 'I'm out trick-or-treating with the kids,'" Victoria recalled of her husband, David Beckham, who handled Halloween duties in Los Angeles while she was working in London. 

"[Bieber] said, 'Come over to my house. We're giving out snow cones!' And so they all went around to Bieber's house and he gave them all snow cones," she said of her three kids, Harper, 8, Romeo, 17, and Brooklyn, 20. Victoria and David also share another son, 14-year-old Cruz, who was in London for the holiday.

Harper was certainly delighted by the frozen treat, with David taking to his Instagram Story at the time to share a grinning shot of Harper, who was dressed up as Billie Eilish, holding her snow cone.

On JKL, Victoria went on to gush about Bieber, calling him "a nice man" and praising him for being "sweet and kind."

"We've bumped into him a few times," she revealed. "Normally he's on his skateboard around Beverly Hills getting a doughnut or something."

David Beckham/Instagram Story

Prior to the Halloween festivities, David took the kids to visit his newly erected statue, which was placed outside of Dignity Health Sports Park where he used to play for the L.A. Galaxy soccer team.

"It was really funny seeing their reactions because it's so huge... It's so big," Victoria said of the statue. "So it was really exciting for us to go and take all the kids and for them to take selfies by it and comment on the size of daddy's bottom... The size of daddy's bottom in bronze."

"I think it's such a huge honor," she continued of the giant statue. "We loved living in L.A. We had such a great time. Every time we come back to L.A. the kids always say that they feel like they're coming home."

Victoria continued speaking about her family during the interview, quipping that she's "kinda fond" of her husband of 20 years and praising him for being "a very good dad" to their four kids.

"I've got so many kids... I always say it's less about parenting and more about crowd control when it gets to that many, right?" she joked, before describing a typical day at the Beckham household.

"All four kids bring all their friends over to the house, so when we come home at the end of the day there's always lots and lots of children," she shared. "I think the main focus is making sure that they all leave empty handed and the art is still on the wall -- because that's a lot of kids."

Watch the video below for more on the Beckham family Halloween.