Watch Kaley Cuoco's First Dance With Husband Karl Cook

The proud new husband also shared the hilarious promises he made in his wedding vows.

Kaley Cuoco’s new husband, Karl Cook, has shared a clip of the newlyweds enjoying their first dance, and revealed his wedding vows to the actress.

In a video posted on Instagram, the couple kissed and embraced while hitting the dance floor as husband and wife following their extravagant nuptials in Rancho Santa Fe, California, on Saturday.

Guests stood watching and filming while the equestrian took the Big Bang Theory star for a spin. In the background, the angelic vocals of Cuoco's younger sister, Briana, can be heard performing live. Briana, an actress and musician in her own right, competed on The Voice in 2013.  

In the caption, Cook shared his sweet vows to the “love of my life.”

“Kaley … I hate you the least of all people in the world,’” started the vows. “Outside of you I have no need for anything. Without you I am nothing. I thought I would read something I wrote three days after the first night we met.”

Cook then shared the heartfelt words he penned so early on in their romance:

“We felt safe, challenged, and free. We could be who we are without thought for the ridiculous complexities of social norms. It was as if we were floating on a magic carpet not bound by the slings and arrows that entrap so many. We talked and talked rejecting the very idea of time or place. There is a rhythm and a pulse to us like ocean waves crashing upon the rocks; just like those waves on those rocks we feel like a force of nature. All these raw and beautiful feelings exude from deep, deep within me from a tiny and at the same time vacuous corner. I guess that is the power of a true human connection.”

His vows then continued with a hilarious promise to understand why Cuoco plucks his “unibrow!”

“If you can not tell I have loved you from the very first night we met,” he said. “Every day since then has been only devoted to you. From waking to midday to night time to sleeping, nothing but who we are together matters. I promise to understand you plucking my unibrow comes from a place of love I promise to remove any errant insect that journeys into our home. I promise to love and take care of all our animals no matter what and how many we bring home.”

“From this breathe to my very last… I am yours,” he concluded.

ET previously revealed how the couple’s shared love of animals was an instrumental part of their special day.

In fact, Cuoco even slipped into her wedding dress in a barn surrounded by horse feed!

"She snuck over to the barn at 7:45 p.m. and was shoved into the feed room, where all the food for the horses are, to put on her dress and get ready to walk down the aisle -- because she walked down the aisle in the barn past all of her horses,” planner Lauren Tatum told ET. “She was standing in a room full of horse feed!"

See more on the impeccably planned wedding below.



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