Watch Kelly Clarkson Serenade Unsuspecting Coffee Shop Patrons

Fans said Clarkson serenaded them in a coffee shop with a group of performers.

Kelly Clarkson surprised fans with an impromptu performance during a morning coffee run. 

Tech entrepreneur Arjun Rai of SelfTact tells ET that Clarkson walked into the Blue Bottle in Culver City, California, on Wednesday morning with five to six performers who serenaded the crowd for 90 seconds.

"She was energetic and enthusiastic" while singing, Rai said. "Music started playing out of nowhere. It felt like a New York Broadway show."

Clarkson took selfies with fan and then left.

Check out Rai's video of the event here: 

Clarkson's Los Angeles serenade comes on the heels of news that she will move her talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, to New York City for its next season. Clarkson recently said she first broke the news of the move to her staff back in January.

"I talked to them because I was like, 'Guys, I need you to know what’s happening. It’s either I’m not going to be able to continue the show or I gotta go East Coast,'" Clarkson recalled during an appearance on TalkShopLive

The singer explained that, during the coronavirus pandemic, she realized "being isolated and so far from your family… that’s not good for anyone."

"My family is East Coast, they’re North Carolina based. So it was one of those things where I just had to," she shared, adding that there were "a lot of personal things going on, too."

Clarkson said that it was important for her and her family to relocate and that they "really needed a fresh start." She praised NBC for supporting the decision, and recalled telling the network execs, "'I know we can’t do this from my ranch so any chance we could do it in New York? It's at least closer to my family.' That was really the main reason."

An NBCUniversal spokesperson confirmed the news to ET earlier this month, saying the show will set up shop at NBC Studios in Manhattan's 30 Rockefeller Center. The daytime talk show has been based out of the Universal City lot in Los Angeles since its debut in 2019.

The news marks a major move for Clarkson and the syndicated talk show, which was renewed through 2025 back in November. Currently in its fourth season, The Kelly Clarkson Show opened its last two seasons with special week-long stints out of New York City.