Watch: Nicki Minaj and Tina Fey Collaborate on a Song in 'SNL' Cut for Time Sketch

Tina Fey, Nicki Minaj, Aidy Bryant, and Kate McKinnon in a cut for time sketch

The music video reveals the hilarious secret that bonds all friendships together -- and features a sick verse from Minaj.

Tina Fey hosted a star-studded season finale for SNL on Saturday, but there was a sketch cut for time that is quickly going viral.

The sketch, a music video for a Haim-style song called "Friendship Song," features Fey, Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon as three friends who will cheer you up as they slam the person who wronged you.

"I'm going to lift you up by tearing her down," goes the chorus, as they trash talk a rude frenemy. The girls also tackle Fey's lame ex-boyfriend for "always talking about Paris/like dude you did not invent Paris," while assuring her that if the couple got back together, girls would be "back on board."

"When my sister has been burned, no burn goes too far," they add before Nicki Minaj joins the shade-throwing fray.

"Girl, I don't even need to know who it is. I'll rip up her life, get the knife, cuz you low-key my wife," the rapper declares as she spits a killer verse for her friends.

"I love my best friend, b*tch screw you," she concludes before the girls get to the final chorus of the song that makes a pretty valid point--we all need to vent, and sometimes we're a little harsh.

"Don't you know talking sh*t is how we all get through," they sweetly sing.

Fey showed off her musical skills during the actual show, from her attempts to guest star in Mean Girls on Broadway to reprising her role as Sarah Palin in a musical tribute to the horror and challenges of being in the Trump administration. Bryant joined her as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, while John Goodman brought back his impression of former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

For more on how SNL has tackled politics throughout Trump's time in office, watch the video below.