Watch Prince William Shock Customers as He Serves Burgers on a Food Truck

The Prince of Wales made a special appearance on the latest video on the Sorted Food Youtube channel.

Prince William made a surprise appearance on a food truck and -- yes chef!

In a new video shared on the Sorted Food YouTube account, the Prince of Wales used the opportunity to promote his Earthshot prize and the recent winners of the competition -- geared towards promoting climate activism.

William first appeared in the 14-minute video in the beginning, when he brought in three items created by previous winners of the Earthshot prize competition for the hosts of the web series, Benjamin 'Ben' Ebbrell, Michael 'Mike' Huttlestone, Jamie Spafford and Barry Taylor, to use in order to create an environmentally-friendly burger. 

"I don't know if you guys have heard about the Earthshot Prize, but it's an initiative I started about two years ago now although it's been about four years in the making -- I had hair when it started," the future king quipped while explaining the initiative. "It's designed as an environmental prize tackling the world's greatest environmental problems." 

For the challenge, the Sorted Food hosts were given products by Indian, U.K. and Kenyan winners of the competition that included clean and energy-efficient stoves and biodegradable food packaging.

At the end of the video, the Sorted Food team was joined by William, as he shocked fans by handing out "Earthshot Burgers" to unsuspecting customers. 

"Can we have four Earthshot Burgers please, chef?" Jamie asked as the prince poked his head out of the food truck and handed out burgers to the shock of the crowd.

"Coming right up," he replied.

The customers shared their reactions with the camera as they revealed their "shock" upon seeing the royal working the food truck. 

William's mission was accomplished as he successfully handed out the plant-based burgers and shared more information about his initiative. 

The Earthshot Prize is set to hold its third annual awards ceremony in Singapore on Nov. 7.