Watch ‘Shahs of Sunset’ Stars Reza and Mike’s Friendship Fall Apart in Explosive Argument (Exclusive)

Reza Farahan isn't happy with pal Mike Shouhed on 'Shahs of Sunset.'

The best friends aren’t on the best of terms after Mike finds out Reza’s been sharing private information.

It’s seemingly the end of an era, or at least a bromance, on Shahs of Sunset.

In ET’s exclusive first look at Thursday night’s episode, Reza Farahan pushes Mike Shouhed to a point viewers have never really seen before after Reza asks Mike why his girlfriend, Morgan, isn’t out to dinner with the group.

“Reza, don’t f**king start,” Mike fires back. “Don’t start, you f**king antagonizing f**k guy … You’re my brother. Don’t start.”

“I don’t like it when my friends get involved in my relationships,” Mike offers in a confessional. “They did it with Jessica, they’re doing it with Morgan, trying to force me to take things quicker than I feel comfortable doing.”

It becomes clear that Reza asked the question to make a point after Shervin Roohparvar tells the group that Reza told him that while the group is at dinner, Monica is moving out of Mike’s place.

“All of this got out because I told you as my friend something!” Mike shouts. “I’m never confiding in you again because I can’t trust you. That’s it. Thank you for helping build my house. I love you, you’re my brother. I swear to God I’d give you anything you ever wanted, ever. Never again--”

That’s when Reza interrupts Mike and starts shouting back, spit flying from his mouth as he unleashes.

“You are a f**king joke!” he yells. “I do everything! You do nothing!”

Watch the explosive moment go down here:

“Shut the f**k up, we’re in a f**king restaurant!” Mike tells Reza as he walks away. “Shut the f**k up. F**k you.”

“Are you out of your f**king mind?” Reza asks back.

Fans will have to tune in to see what happens next, though co-star Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi hinted at the aftermath when she stopped by ET’s studios back in August.

“Mike and Reza, we were all trembling watching those two fight,” she shared. “And it was so intense, and so much -- I mean, both of them were breaking down in tears at the end, which everyone will see. But we were all shaking. So, yeah, it was just very intense and personal. A lot of growth happened this year.”

See more from GG in the video below. Shahs of Sunset airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.