Watch Tiffany Haddish's Epic Rendition of Rihanna's 'Diamonds' Ahead of Super Bowl Halftime Show (Exclusive)

ET spoke to Haddish at the Fanatics Super Bowl Party Saturday.

Tiffany Haddish is ready for Rihanna's Super Bowl LVII performance. ET was on hand at the Fanatics Super Bowl party Saturday, where Haddish delivered an epic rendition of RiRi's "Diamonds."

With two bedazzled footballs done in Kansas City and Philadelphia's team colors, Haddish, who said she's rooting for the Eagles, told ET that it's really Rihanna's game.

"Shine bright like a diamond. Shine bright like a diamond. Shine bright, 'cause tonight, you and I are beautiful like diamonds in the sky. Shine bright like a diamond," Haddish crooned, as she danced with both footballs in her hands. While it's all about RiRi, Haddish said she'll be watching the game as well.

"Tomorrow, I will be at the football game watching the halftime show, enjoying every moment of it. And I'll be watching the football game, enjoying every moment of it, 'cause I love watching men run around in tight pants."

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

ET also spoke to Michael Rubin, CEO of Fanatics, and he talked about throwing the star-studded Super Bowl bash. Guests this year included Travis Scott, Paul Rudd, JAY-Z, Shaq, Kevin Hart and more.

"We love bringing people together, we got so many people who came out, amazing to be for the Super Bowl in Phoenix, amazing weather, amazing day, but most important is the amazing group we bring together and I love everyone out here and everyone's having a great time and now we just need to go, Eagles, let's go," Rubin said. "This is the biggest party of the weekend for us. ... This is a private party, you know, you can't buy tickets. It's really about having the most important business partners for us, the most important athletes that make our business, the celebrities, the artists, it's about bringing everyone together so they have a great time. So for us, it's really about getting the right people together."

ET spoke to Rihanna following her Super Bowl press conference on Thursday, where she admitted that between the halftime show, her recent Oscar nomination and being a mom to her 8-month-old son with her partner, A$AP Rocky, "it really feels like a lot's happening all at once."

"Motherhood, Oscars, Super Bowl, I'm still pinching myself, really," she continued. "I'm grateful. I'm grateful."

As for her big performance, Rihanna admitted that the hardest part so far has been figuring out the setlist, or, as RiRi put it, "trying to cram 17 years of music into 13 minutes."

"The setlist was the biggest challenge. That was the hardest, hardest part," she said, adding that it's still a work in progress. "Deciding how to maximize 13 minutes, but also celebrate. That's what this show's going to be. It's going to be a celebration of my catalog."

Super Bowl LVII airs Sunday, Feb. 12 on Fox. Stay tuned right here to for more exclusive Super Bowl contentAdditionally, CBS Sports has full in-depth Super Bowl coverage.